Saddle up for adventure

Horse riding is an experience bursting with emotion: riding through different landscapes, trotting and galloping, listening to the relaxing sound of the horse's hoofs on the ground or creek below, and feeling that unique connection with a noble animal.

Horseback Riding
Horseback Riding

Riding tours range in length to suit your preferences. Short tours are ideal for families with kids, while longer riding tours that last several days with pit stops in warm mountain lodges and that cross over to Chile are available for the more adventurous. The tours are led by expert local guides, who know the landscape like the back of their hands.

The Andean Patagonia is known for its range of landscapes and vegetation, which can differ vastly in areas of just a few kilometers. A single ride can lead you through an amazing variety of scenery, flora and fauna.

You can organize tours along the steppe, stopping at incredible panoramic viewpoints. Along the ride, you’ll see a range of local fauna, including hares, deers and guanacos, while watching majestic condors and spectacular eagles fly over your head.

You'll also discover the magic of the fascinating paintings in the old caves of the Leones mount, 20 km (12 miles) from the city and understand native customs, explained by your tour guide.

You can take different trails that cross the mountains, rivers, valleys and the eloquent silence of the ancient cypress woods at the heart of the Nahuel Huapi National Park. You’ll also be able to discover the mysterious lakes and creeks with their hidden waterfalls. 

Horseback Riding

The experience will also allow you to discover the flavors of the local cuisine. You can stop along the way to try traditional Patagonian lamb or grilled beef, Yerba Mate with fried pastries and other delights. You'll have the chance to talk to the locals, get to know how they live, their habits and ancient secrets: the medicinal use of plants, their ancient loom techniques and much more.

Please note

These tours are available year-round, even in the winter, where snow and ice combine to create new view to discover and tour.