This Summer change of scenery in Bariloche

What if this Summer you fill your lungs with the amazing energy that is breathed in Bariloche? What if you change of scenery and choose a destination that will surprise you? Let in the breeze of its lakes, the freshness of its forests or the pure air of the mountains.

Bariloche awaits you with activities and landscapes that will stimulate all your senses. Whether you breathe in its fresh mornings on the shore of the lake, or when you fill yourself with its warm afternoons in the mountain or when you go trekking along a path surrounded by forests, even when you let your eyes admire the incredibly starry nights.

Bariloche is the ideal destination to change of scenery and fill yourself with the best natural energy.

The best options to change of scenery

A change of scenery for all tastes

It’s incredible that so many and so varied options for the whole family can be found in just one place. From beaches to rest and enjoy the energy of the sun to the most extreme, pure adrenaline sports. Visit all that Bariloche has to offer so you can change of scenery.

The magic of Christmas is already in the air

The Holiday Season is coming and in Bariloche we are getting ready to share good wishes and spend unforgettable moments with family or friends. Santa Claus’s House is ready and, of course, our Christmas Tree is already lit so that children can come and leave their letters for Santa. Because if there’s a place in the country where you can really breathe in the magic of Christmas, undoubtedly, this place is Bariloche.

Beaches: Lakes and rivers to inhale adventures.

The beaches can be urban or far from the city. They are the perfect place to get away and relax. Ideal to go with the whole family or friends. Discover the most crystalline lakes in the world. There’s a lot to choose!

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Activities to inhale adrenaline.

Embark on kayaking trips on rivers or lakes. Paraglide down the mountain. Challenge the rapids on whitewater rafts. Go through the woods on a mountain bike. And this is just the beginning!

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Shelters to inhale unique moments.

Bariloche has the most important network of shelters in South America, which makes it an ideal place for mountaineers. Shelters equipped with the best gastronomy and surrounded by the most impressive natural setting.

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Tours to inhale new experiences

Life is full of emotions…You need to know where to find them. You have already taken the tours, visited the Cerros and sailed the lakes; now we will show you other attractions so you continue enjoying Bariloche.

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Get a change of air touring the best trails

Touring Bariloche is entering a world that is always new and surprising, where each trail is a discovery. We invite you to visit all the wonders that await you in each tour.

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Cheer up for a full day excursion

You are going to visit our lakes with the best company: the most crystalline and pure water. The most impressive Arrayanes forest and waters of incredible colors are waiting for you. One day tours, worth a lifetime.

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