Snow, even in Summer

The López Lodge is located next to the mountain summit, 1620 meters above sea level. It can host up to 100 people and it's the largest and most comfortable mountain lodge. It is also the most accessible. The road begins at Short Circuit and crosses the López creek.

The López lodge was named by Perito Moreno in memory of Alejandro Vicente López y Planes, a writer and politician, president of the Nation and author of the lyrics of Argentina's national anthem. Following the course of the creek through the woods, the trail becomes winding until you get to the so called "rest stone", and then to the lodge.

From the lodge, you can take the Principal, Turista and La Hoya trekking tours, among others, as well as connect with other mountain lodges on multiple-day tours. Because of its location and altitude, you will find snow in the surroundings of the lodge well into the summer.

To get to Mount López, you need to go to km 22.5 of Short Circuit, where you will find the trail to the left of López creek. You can get there from Bariloche taking bus No. 10 to Colonia Suiza.

At the beginning, the road goes up slightly through a woods area as the incline gets more pronounced. Vegetation thickens until you get to a cliff with a panoramic viewpoint. This is not a hard trail to take, but you must be ready to go up constantly. In exchange you will get a majestic view.

If you go by car, you go by two other lodges: Roca Negra and Extremo Encantado, from where you can take long walks or snowshoeing tours (in winter) and enjoy regional foods. To continue the tour to the López lodge, you need to go up the same road till you get to the López creek. It's just a short walk from there to the lodge. 

López Hut
López Hut
Places to See
Places to Visit
Turista and La Hoya peaks. For climbing, Luhrs, Fino, Filo Norte and Principal peaks.
Difficulty Level
Difficulty Level
Walking Time
Walking Time
3 hours (one way)
Hut Services
Lodge Services
It has large dorms, dining room, kitchen, restrooms and electricity.
11 Km (6.8 miles)
1620 MSL